How well would your car run if each wheel rotated at a different speed?  What if one or more wheels turned in a different direction?  

We take a secure, on-line "MRI" of your business and diagnose cultural, operational and strategic opportunities for better alignment and business improvement.  We use the same web-based assessment tools that have provided strategic direction for diverse industry leaders such as UCLA, SONY, Yamaha, Toyota, Disney, Pfizer, and more.

Operating a well-run business in today's challenging
economic and regulatory environment requires that 
every board member, every executive, every manager,
and every employee are aligned and focused on your
strategic mission, goals and objectives.  Misalignment,
no matter how minor, results in increased operating 
expenses and in severe cases, institutional failure.

You will be provided a confidential diagnostic report that will highlight your high-impact and high priority components of organiztional design, strategy and culture. Whether your  assets are $5 million or $5 billion, this comprehensive data will enable alignment of your board, executive team, management and staff for a more efficient-running business model.

CU-Management Advisory Services