Independent Business Services Diagnostic Review


A regularly scheduled independent third party review of your Member Business Loan policies, procedures and portfolio is a must for safe and sound risk management.  Whether you originate loans, purchase loan participations, sell loan participations, use the services of a wholly owned or multiple credit union owned CUSO, or all of the above, you need an independent evaluation of your business lending operation.

We'll perform an on-site review of loans, underwriting and servicing practices procedures, risk rating methodology, collateral lien protection, and overall portfolio management. 

We'll evaluate risk management, including credit, interest rate, compliance, concentration and reputation risk.

We'll  perform a comprehensive evaluation of your competition's business loan products and other business services and we'll look at your small business market demographics.  We'll look for opportunities to organically grow your net interest and non-interest income.

We'll make on-site recommendations and deliver a comprehensive Report to Management.  We'll help make you look good.  You'll invite us back next year.