The traditional silo business model is broken.  Critical keys to industry sustainability and business  health lie in the reduction of operating expenses.  Small businesses and financial institutions that collaborate in the sharing of back office functions can significantly reduce redundant operational costs through increased economies of scale and scope.

The key to industry systainability is INTERDEPENDENCE.  For example, when credit unions share resources in one or more support functions such as compliance, vendor management, ATM servicing, salary and benefits administration, credit underwiring, loan servicing, call centers, and other common cost
centers, operating expenses can be greatly reduced.

In addition to back office collaboration, institutions
that collaborate in revenue generating efforts such as
marketing, business development, Check 21 services,
title services, insurance, investments, and other lines
of business enjoy new sources of interest and fee
income with added efficiencies and realizable 
economic benefits.  We have the methodology.

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